Professional Technology
With high-quality premium materials, advanced technology and dedication in craftsmanship,
we deliver professional down jackets that are warmer and down-proof.
Luxury Premium Goose Down
Bluesign® approved Goose Down carefully sorted from the breast and underbelly
RDS Certification ensures a controlled and traceable system to verify down source
From well-known global goose down sources, including China, Poland and Hungary
Higher Down Content & Fill Power Offers Enhanced Warmth
While the down content benchmark of a down jacket is 50%, each Bosideng down jacket offers a 90% down content.
While the fill power benchmark of a down jacket is 480 +, Bosideng uses up to 5A level down with 1000 fill power
A Global Leader in Down Quality
Breakthrough in Down Leakage Prevention
Much smaller pinholes offered by professional German needle
Anti-leakage sewing technique with 13 stitches per 3 cm
Ultra-light liner using high-density super-thin fibers to prevent down seepage
Every Down Jacket Passes Through Three Tests under Extreme Conditions
15,000 to 20,000
fabric durability test cycles
zipper sliding test cycles
-30 degrees Celsius up to 24 hours
Field test of material